My Personal Learning Philosophy

My Personal Learning Philosophy

So I decided to use the audioboo application to present to all of you my own reflection about the learning process and its importance during the class planning. I must warn you that I have never done this before so I hope I succeeded in my goal to create an online tool to share information. I was a little confused about the whole project thing but I did my best even at the end I proposed a class schedule.  Well that´s all. Remember be gentle with your comments J


Multiple Intelligences!!! ^.^

So here I leave the link where you can check out my results.

You maybe surprise… or maybe not that much depending of how well you know me 🙂

oOhhhh…. I almost forgot!!!

You will need the code to read the results :  ckv57fcr03051

First go to the result section and the copy the code. Finally  you will be able to see the diagram.

Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences

PD: I wasn´t surprise at all by the results neither my family 😛

Learning Styles…

So, I just took the Learning Styles Quiz and these are the results I got:

-Visual: 38%

-Auditory: 43%

-Kinesthetic: 19%

I thought that I was a visual learner but according to this Quiz I´m not. I really think that I´m both because in order to study for an exam I always do mental maps or any kind of report to help myself  to summarize the important information and at the same time I´m good at remember the teacher´s explanation about the subject.  About the Kinesthetic one I totally agree.

What about motivation??

Right now the use of technology has become an indispensable tool for all kind of jobs or professions. As we´re living in the age of the technology we must learn how to use it to our benefit. For teachers, it opens a new door that allows to develop even a more intimate relation with our students because through these websites we can know each other better and that provides a new background, that provides a teacher new information that he can use during the class planning so that he can include activities that his students may find very interesting keeping them very motivated during the whole task.  Having conversations with the native speakers will improve ours students self-confidence and will increase their motivation during their whole English training.

And the winner is…

And I chose the  application!! J

I chose this one after watching the tour video, I found it easy to follow and that´s very important because I wouldn´t like to find myself tangle up in this new way to work , so as a beginner I think it´s better to start with the easy stuff. The second reason I chose it is because I think it helps  to practice pronunciation, I mean, we could  create a social network with our students and we could select different topics to talk about so then the students would have to do a recording a post it, then their classmates could watch it as well as the teacher. The pronunciation improvement would be not just through the teacher´s corrections it would improve itself we the interaction between the students and the foreign guess because this network would have foreign people so that the students would have a better connection not just with the language but with the culture of the foreign country as well. At the same time it would improve the students´ self-confidence when the time to talk to native speakers comes.