Backtalk… O.o


Once a while ago I witnessed this kind of scene in one of my university classes and it was really uncomfortable. This group of classmates that always used to sit at the back of the classroom were talking, at least that´s what the teacher said because I didn’t hear them talking but according to the teacher they were talking and the teacher asked them to leave the classroom, my classmates denied everything and began arguing with the teacher for a while claiming that they weren´t talking and that was when everything went down the hill… The teacher got so angry that she started trembling and her voice got all shaky and we could see that she was close to tears all out of the frustration she was feeling for the student´s refusal to leave. At the end my classmates got sense sooner than the teacher and they decided to leave after seeing her in such state. While all that took place the rest of us remained stunned for the scene unfolded in front of us. I was really uncomfortable, I felt terrible for the teacher…



4 thoughts on “Backtalk… O.o

  1. I just finish reading and commenting my classmates posts about the cardinal error and I realized I didn´t suggest anything for my own teacher, I think that she should remain calm, once again is all about avoiding the backtalk. I think that she must have had a really bad day because she kind of overeacted to the whole situation… So, if you lose control into the classroom you can expect that the students will lose theirs as well.

  2. Hi, Nery1 I just read your experience and definitely I agree with you, If the teacher lose the control, students will do the same. Unfortunately, there are many of cases like this but it depends on us like future teachers, if we want to do the same or change and affect our students in a positive way.
    Thanks for share it!

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