Lesson Planning: Bloom´s Taxonomy


Hello again!! 🙂


It´s been a while since the last time I was here and I´m sorry about that but it´s been a really crazy two weeks. Anyway, let´s go to business.


I think Bloom´s taxonomy is a really helpful tool to all of us teachers to be. As new teachers we are inexperienced in how to do a class planning and Bloom´s chart makes easy to follow the important information because you can plan activities according to our students’ age that integrate the thinking skills. I find the questions (who, what, why, etc.) as the best guide to distinguish between the thinking skills.


I find this taxonomy as a very actual theory, I think that the only thing that need to be updated has to do with the benefits that provides the use of the internet as an educational tool because it allows not just to get more information but to do an incredible amount of different stuff that integrate the different learning styles which help our students to achieve their learning goals.


I have never heard about this way of lesson planning (as a student) before and I´m seriously thinking that neither my previous teachers (high school and secondary school) because the way the classes were developed didn´t seem to have any order or main goal we really didn´t know why we were doing what we were doing at that time and, we couldn´t relate our previous knowledge with this new knowledge, now that I think about it, that was a disaster. No wonder why our educational system has too many failures. :S


Finally, I want to thank Ellen for always providing us extra information in order to give us as many tools as possible to be successful teachers.



One thought on “Lesson Planning: Bloom´s Taxonomy

  1. Hello Nery,
    Part of the assignment was to think of a class task and change it according to the classifications of the taxonomy. Since you posted your thoughts, you still have the opportunity to do this graded assignment in order to complete your task and get credit for your work.

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